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International Women's Day  - Cardiff and Swansea

March 2017

Working in partnership with Fizzi Events and Women's Equality Network Wales to create a marketing and pr campaign to attract new and diverse younger audiences to the events on International Women's Day at Wales Millennium Centre and Waterfront Museum.

MONOLITH_IWD17 (3).jpg

Blood on the Snow

December 2015

Devising a marketing campaign that built on Caroline Sabin's reputation of immersive theatre and attract new audiences as well as raise the pr profile of the production of Blood on the Snow.

Marketing and Brand Strategy for Papertrail

March 2016

Papertrail Theatre Company was created in 2015 to launch its first site specific production, Day to Go. The company needed a clear brand identity and brand that delivered on its artistic vision. The Strategy and Brand guidance has been completed embedded and guided the company and its future to secure further funding for projects.



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